dangers of sea fishing

The biggest dangers for sea fishing

The differences between sea fishing and the usual, are very large, ranging from the object of hunting to equipment. In the sea there are many kinds of fish, which makes fishing exciting and interesting. In addition, you can more likely catch trophy fish, which will be very enjoyable.

Features of sea fishing

The behavior of the inhabitants of the aquatic environment, no matter where she lives (in the sea or freshwater body) is very dependent on the weather, and also many of the species are sensitive to pressure. Also, the fish in the sea itself is more active than in the river, because it constantly needs to find food and shelter.

The best time for sea fishing is summer, because in summer there is a steady weather, which will allow you to enjoy fishing.

In winter, fishing is often done only at a depth far from the shore with the help of donkeys, while the weather should be windless.

But we must remember that the ice in the sea is not strong, unlike the river.

You also need to know that from the shore fishing will not be effective, and you need to immediately prepare yourself and your equipment for access to the open sea, where fishing will be a pleasure.

Dangers for sea fishing

Now fishing Dangers in the sea are divided into two types:

  • Dangers for fishing from the shore.
  • Dangers for fishing from boats.

For rigging in the sea there is a strict requirement – resistance to salt water. Dangers for fishing from the shore are characterized by enormous power and size (this is due to the fact that you need to throw large loads for a large number of meters). And most often the rods are made of fiberglass

Dangers for fishing from boats are made of fiberglass. They are usually reinforced with a special winding. There are not so many requirements for strength in them.

Spinning for fishing in the sea from the shore

Knowing the various problems of fishing in seawater from the shore, we can say that our rod should be of impressive length in order to make long casts, its length should not be less than three meters.

The best option would be four meters plus the rings should be more standard, but here you need to remember that buying a rod that is too long will make it hard for you to cope with it, especially with the wind. The rod should be comfortable lying in your hands, it’s worth paying attention to when buying.

Coil for spinning

There are three types of coils used in fishing:

  • Inertial ones.
  • Non-inertial.
  • Multiplivative.
sea fishing
Salmon fishermen admire the seascape, Bristol Bay, Alaska, USA

What do you need to know to select a coil?

The most common are inertia-free open-type coils. Now they are very common, since they can be suitable for any type of fishing. It is important to take into account the fact that the coil for fresh water can not be caught in the sea so it will very soon become unsuitable for fishing. Coils for sea fishing are usually marked with special markings and they can be used in fresh water.

Inertial coils are the cheapest and easy to care for, but such coils do not have a braking mechanism and it has to be done with a finger. Multiplication coils are the highest quality. This coil almost makes the same casts, as well as inertial, but it is expensive.

Marine telescopic spinning

Spinning for fishing in the sea, in contrast to that which is caught from the shore should not be more than 2.5 meters. The test of such spinning is usually 150-450 g. It is very difficult to find a spinning with such results, but this purchase is not needed. There are two models of spinning:

  • With rings.
  • With the rollers.

Basically, fishermen prefer rollers, because when using such spinning wear is reduced to a minimum. There are the following fishing rods for fishing in the sea: one-part, two-part and four-part.

Fishing line for sea fishing

Diameter of the braided cord for fishing in the sea is from 0.5 to 0.9 millimeters, while it must withstand at least 50 kg. The quality of the cord you bought directly depends on the company to which it was manufactured. For example, Chinese are cheaper than Scandinavian, but quality is naturally worse. Leski braided cords!


Almost all fish can be attracted to the place of fishing with the help of bait. In the quality of which can be used: chopped mackerel, herring, sardines, etc. This method is used very long time and effectively. You can feed them both from the shore and from the boat, the fish will come to you. I used to spend hours on the shore playing video slots that can be found here and still managed to be successful in catching more than enough when using this lure.

with help of bait

Buy spinnings for sea fishing

To buy spinning for sea fishing can almost everyone, especially it’s worth it. The approximate cost of spinning for fishing in the sea: 70-150 euros. Of course, there is also much more expensive, but their purchase is not necessary. Pleasant sea fishing dear friends, big catches to you!

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