Precautions that you must take on your first day of fishing

When one thinks of fishing, an image of a quiet, peaceful and calm recreational activity comes to mind, and some might even think that there are no dangers involved or what could go wrong but there are situations that can arise and can take a turn for the worst if we are not careful. There are some things that you should be aware of so below is a list of some precautions that you must take before your first or any fishing day-

1. If you are going fishing on a boat, then make sure that everyone is wearing a life jacket. There is no guaranteeing that no one will fall off from the boat. Make sure that even the most experienced swimmer wears one because anything can happen; if anyone falls in very cold water the body may experience shock, and the muscle may cramp up.
2. The air temperature and the water temperature are different so always wear layers and bring an extra set of clothes in case you get wet. Even though you check the weather forecast before heading out, there can always be an unexpected change. If it does get warmer, you can always remove the layers and if the weather is really hot wear shades, hats and so because the UV rays can be very harmful and can harm the skin, eyes and the lips. Wear boots or a good durable shoe because if you are fishing, you might have to go into the waters and there might be broken bottles and glasses.
3. First aid kit. There is no telling who will get injured and how. Even if it is a minor cut, it is crucial to attend to it. There is always a chance of falling or getting cuts or getting bitten by an insect so pack a first aid kit with bandage, antibiotic cream, insect repellent, also buy and keep a package of seasick medicines as you never know what would come your way and a good way to ruin your day would be someone getting sick.
4. Check all your gears and re-inspect your boat and the life jackets before moving out. Replace any old and worn gears, broken fish tackle, make sure that your hooks are sharp to catch a good fish. Organize your gears in a way that they would not be tangled and would not fall or harm anyone. Be aware of your fellow fishers because you do not want any pole of hook injuries when casting and you be aware too when you are casting.
5. If you are going for the first time or maybe the 100th time, it is best that you do not go out alone, if you are injured or something else happens, your fellow fishers can help, they can also be a good company. Also, it is important to let someone know your whereabouts, your location, with whom you are going and when you will be returning.

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