Top 5 fishing spots across the world

Fishing is an activity that is taken up all over the world with various techniques from hand gathering to netting, angling, spearing, and trapping and so on. Some travel around the world just to fish is new and exciting waters to catch various species of fishes, and some places offer the most beautiful spots for a variety of fishes to fish up. With all these options available it can be hard to decide on which fishing spots to choose from and to help you, from among the many places, we have chosen the top spots for fishing which are:

1. Prince Edward Island or the Nova Scotia- This Island is located in Canada and is a great place if you want to catch a large tuna. The record here is a Bluefin Tuna that weighed around 1496 pounds and this made it to the world’s record in 1979. After which, some have caught tunas that weight up to 1000 pounds. So you can try your luck at catching one. The island also has some great book trout but it’s not just that, you can find a variety of wonderful trout as well.
2. Umba River- This River in Russia runs along with the Varzuga River and it is the first river on the Kola Peninsula to be open for fishing tourism. This river is like a heaven for Salmon. Some fishermen can get the finest and the fattest Atlantic salmon that one has ever seen. Albeit the location can be hard to get to, the salmon makes it all worth it the travel.
3. Lizard Island – The Lizard Island is located on the northern edge of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. This is a beautiful island and is one of the best places in the world to fish Black Marlin. Some of the black marlin comes in an enormous size. The water is described as the most pristine and it provides a new fishing experience that one cannot forget. The best months to fish in this area is around September and October.
4. Iztapa- Iztapa is fishing and farming village that is located in Guatemala which is a good fishing spot to hit around November and May. It provides an amazing fishing experience and without a doubt it is the best destination for sailfish fishing. It has around five species of Sailfish. The record holds that 124 sailfish were caught and released in one day by a single boat Besides Sailfish, you can also catch dorados, rooster fish, yellow fin tuna and a number of other species..
5. Ascension Bay- This is located in Mexico, and it is known for the potential for its flats-slam. It is an exciting place for the anglers and the best fishing months here are between February and June. The location itself is beautiful, and you can fly fish for Bonefish, permit, snook, and tarpon. It has become one of the spots that every salt water angler must visit.


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