Top 5 fishing tips and tricks for everyone

Fishing is a great hobby to take up, and it is easy to learn but to catch something may not be so easy. Successful fishing requires certain knowledge and experience, and there are certain tips that can be kept in mind to make the fishing trip productive. Below is the list of the top tips and tricks that you need to keep in mind to ensure a successful fishing.

1. There are a variety is fishes available and each fish requires a different way of approach. So take time to know what you want to catch, about their habits, habitat, what bait will be needed. Then check out the locations available for the fishes you have chosen and don’t forget to check the weather before you get there. An overcast sky is the best for a good fishing trip. Another important thing to remember is that the time of the day matters in fishing.
2. Be prepared. Preparation time for fishing trip starts before you get to the water. Take everything that you need and inspect your gears so that they are in good shape. It can spoil the trip when you get to the spot and realized that you missed something out or you are in shortage of something. Also keep in mind that you never know what the fish will do, the lures they want and the weather change so the better prepared you are, the better the success rate.
3. Keep it sharp. There at times when you can lose a good catch or miss a strike because the hooks are dull so keep I mind to keep it sharp. You can find out if your hooks are sharp or not by running the point over your fingernail. If it sticks, then it is sharp and if not you need to sharpen it. It is not hard to sharpen the hooks, you can do it by using the Triangle method or you can even use a file.
4. Dress for the occasion. The weather can be unpredictable. Even if you check the weather forecast before moving out, it can just change. It is best to have layers as the weather can change drastically and if it does get warmer, you can remove it. A good jacket, rain gear, gloves and boots are a must for fishing trips at all times. Wear comfortable clothes, shades, and hats in warm weather because there is an exposure to double harmful UV rays reflecting off the water surface and sunscreens can repel the fish.
5. Waiting with patience. Even if you get the right gear and the right bait, it does not assure that you will catch the fish right away. You will have to wait for several minutes or even an hour or more. You can see something along to pass the time as you wait but remember to keep the noise to a minimum if you do not want to scare off the fishes. Find a comfortable position and look out for any movement in the fishing line.

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